Unleash your inner fun: Top Gorgeous Adult Onesies for an Epic Bar Crawl Adventure!

When it comes to combining comfort, fun and a touch of whimsy, few events can compete with a onesie bar crawl. These get-togethers are not just about the drinks; they are an opportunity to let your playful side out while enjoying the camaraderie of fellow onesie enthusiasts. But the key to standing out in a crowd of onesie-clad revelers is choosing the perfect outfit. Here are some tips and suggestions for adorable adult onesies that will make you the star of your next onesie bar crawl.

1. The classic animal onesie
Animal onesies are a timeless choice for any onesie bar crawl. From cuddly kangaroos to majestic unicorns, these outfits are always a hit. Consider a design that showcases your personality or spirit animal. For example, a sleek black cat onesie can add an air of mystery and allure, while a bright and cheerful rainbow unicorn onesie is perfect for those who want to spread joy and positivity.

Clownfish Onesie

2. Fantasy and Sci-Fi Characters
Dive into the world of fantasy and sci-fi by choosing a onesie that represents your favourite character. Imagine walking into a bar dressed as a dragon, complete with wings and tail, or as your favourite superhero. These onesies are often more detailed and elaborate, making them a great conversation starter. They also usually come with accessories such as masks or capes to add to the overall effect.

Black Dragon Costume

3. Seasonal and holiday themes
If your bar crawl coincides with a holiday or season, why not incorporate the theme into your choice of onesies? Christmas-themed onesies such as Santa Claus, reindeer or snowmen are incredibly popular during the festive season. For Halloween, go for a spooky skeleton or a cute pumpkin onesie. Seasonal themes not only add to the fun, but also show that you are in the spirit of the season.

Pumpkin Costume

4. Luxurious and glamorous onesies
Who says onesies can't be glamorous? For those who want to add a touch of sophistication to their comfort, there are plenty of luxurious options. Silk or satin onesies in rich colours like emerald green or royal blue can make you feel like royalty. Add some sparkling accessories and you'll be the talk of the town all night.

5. Custom and personalised onesies
For a truly unique look, consider having a personalised onesie made. This could include your name, a favourite quote or even a design that means something special to you. Personalised onesies are a fantastic way to show your individuality and ensure that no one else at the crawl has the same outfit.

Tips for choosing the perfect onesie
Comfort is key: Make sure your onesie is made from a comfortable, breathable fabric. You'll be moving around a lot, so you want something that won't restrict your movement or make you overheat.


Practicality matters: Look for onesies with pockets or easy-access zips. These little features can make a big difference when you're out and about, especially when it comes to holding your phone or other essentials.


Fit and sizing: Onesies are usually designed to be loose and comfortable, but make sure you choose a size that fits you well. Too tight and you'll be uncomfortable; too loose and you may feel like you're swimming in fabric.


Durability: Bar crawls can get a bit rowdy, so look for a onesie that can take a bit of wear and tear. Reinforced seams and durable materials are a plus.


Accessories: Don't be afraid to add a few accessories to spice up your look. Whether it's a pair of funky socks, a cool hat or even some face paint, the right accessories can take your onesie to the next level.


A onesie bar crawl is a unique and fun event where you can let your hair down and have a good time with your friends. By choosing a beautiful and comfortable onesie, you'll not only stand out from the crowd, but also ensure you have a night to remember. Whether you choose a classic animal design, a nostalgic pop culture icon or a luxurious bespoke creation, the key is to wear something that makes you feel good and adds to the festive spirit of the crawl. So zip up, head out and enjoy the delightful blend of comfort and camaraderie that only a One-Sie Bar Crawl can provide. Cheers!